About Us

Alohanic.com is a unique, independent, and fully ICANN-accredited domain registrar. Our goal is to fully meet every customer's needs and wants for domain name registration and renewal.

Our offices are located in the heart of Denver's Lowery district. Our staff is diverse, employing a wide range of bright, intelligent, and hardworking students, scholars, and free thinkers. Unlike the other guys, all of our employees are empowered (and in fact commanded) to use their own personalized understanding of domain needs to solve any and all of our customers' domain name related issues and questions. We do this without resort to textbook approaches and by-the-books solutions, but rather through a fine-tuned approach that includes extensive training, a voluminous knowledge base, and energized customer support. At best, we can provide a multitude of satisfying answers for any vexing issue, and even at our worst we can provide just the right answer for you.

Now you know our commitment to problem solving. All of our customer liaisons can help you either by phone at 720-249-2374 or by email at support@alohanic.com.